I have been on a personal development journey for some time and have had a lot of breakthrough moments that have moulded me into the person I am today.

At the start of 2022 I went on a 9 Day emotional roller-coaster journey and "WOW" what an experience. Yep I upgraded my knowledge and skills to the Master Level.

During this we played the role of a coach and a client, so I got to facilitate someone going through the "Break Through Experience" and personally go through the "Break Through Experience" myself.

I can tell you right NOW...I have never been more vulnerable in my entire life putting my emotions on full display to a complete stranger. This was the most uncomfortable, confronting, liberating, aligning and transformational experience I have ever been through. This is like the Holy Grail of personal development.


My passion is to help people live without fear, embrace who they are and feel better every single day, physically and mentally.   I hold up my own standards and ignore accepted ideas of beauty, success, and what a woman can or can't do, create, have or be. Claim what I desire and don’t back down.

I wake up every morning to change the story of my life and my clients awareness to themselves and other around them.

I am breaking the binds of money, wealth consciousness, technology and being my authentic self by speaking unapologetically about them.  I claim my authentic self and wealth consciousness as a birthright and believe people are the most powerful resources on earth.

Don't be afraid to standout and be who you are.

I have had to overcome my fear of being seen globally, to lead, and live an epic life and lifestyle. 

I am driven by creating a future free from inherited lack mindset, fear of being authentic, people pleasing and integrating our new technological world into everyone's life without fear or anxiety.

I know that sharing my authentic self and knowledge is my highest contribution to the world… and hold this as true for my clients too. Own your voice and use it as a vehicle to create change for yourself and others!

Never give up on your dreams. I haven't. Own your power and rise beyond your comfort zone. Commit to yourself and let me support you while you embrace your journey.

The most valuable gift I have given myself is not giving a **F** what others think of me, and the biggest shift in my life came when I decided to fully back my vision and unapologetically claim my voice.

Lift is full of challenges and change, how YOU choose to react is up to too

My biggest failure was failing to honor and respect myself enough to say no and reclaim my power and voice when I was younger.  Don'’t take external abuse and turn it into self-sabotage.  Be mindful about what you take on as truth because what you believe becomes your reality.

My biggest success has been making— and keeping —my vow to ditch being a victim with drama, finding my roadmap and paving the way to my success in all areas of my life without sacrifice.

Join me on the journey of authenticity and self discovery.  You might be amazed at what you find!!