Mindset Weight Management

Diets work, People don't!

What hasn't been working for you?

You have tried to make changes yourself or with the help of someone else but it failed... Take a long hard look at yourself... be at peace with your past, present and self... Clear your shit.

Are you ready to make a Change? If not, keep doing what you are doing....OH and how's that working for you?

Successful people don't do it all alone

You know what.... No one made you eat the sweet stuff or the fatty stuff, you made a CHOICE! It is likely you built a habit of eating foods that do not support your mind or body type. 

You may not be eating sweet stuff or fatty stuff? Have you considered that it might not just be the food you are eating? Maybe it is Stress, habits you were raised with, something you saw or a medical issue?
The good news is that it is changeable

But only if you are 100% COMMITTED to change.

YOU MUST take ‚Äč100% responsibility for your choices!

Are you ready for the fight of your life between mind and body?

What is Conscious Hypnosis?

It is a deep natural state of conscious relaxation. It enables you to use the power of your mind and creative imagination to find new ways of dealing with problems and to alter unwanted patterns of behavior. We can use this deep and profound therapy to treat everything from depression to bad habits to psychological trauma easily and effortlessly in a much shorter time than you would probably think, drug free and with no side effects.

This methodology of natural healing has been successfully practiced for 21 years in this country.

Package Inclusions

6 x 1.5hr Individual Sessions

1 Introductory session

1 Free 30 min coaching session

2 x 15 min followup phone calls

1 x Journey Journal

Email, Phone and Online support for 1 month after last session

A safe environment to let it all out